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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dwight Smith, 1995 Collector's Choice #336

When the Orioles acquired Dwight Smith from the Angels in a trade in June 1994, he became the fourth Smith to play for the team that season. He followed closer Lee Smith, designated hitter Lonnie Smith, and outfielder Mark Smith. Throughout O's history, there have been eleven Smiths (Texas Mike, Roy, Pete, Hal, Nate, Billy, and Al are the others). In other words, 36% of the Smiths who ever played for the Orioles suited up for the club in one season. I just feel like repeating the name "Smith" until it loses all meaning. Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith.

The Smiths are still trailing the Johnsons in the Oriole name game, however. There have been twelve players with the latter surname, including three Dave Johnsons. However, Dwight's still a unique snowflake. His birth name is John Dwight Smith; I'd say he made the right choice by choosing not to blend into his surroundings as another "John Smith".

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We're quite glad the era of that style of sunglasses seems to be over.