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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Joe Orsulak, 2010 Orioles Alumni Postcards

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you generally have to take the good with the bad. For instance, I don't do lengthy trade posts with scans of a couple dozen cards and explanations of the significance of each. Don't get me wrong; I'm not vehemently opposed to trade posts like some people. They have their place, but I prefer them in small doses. They're just not part of my blogging style. So that's the good. I don't try to force it vis a vis long and image-intensive trade posts.

However, I do tend to go in the other direction, milking a single transaction for several posts in a short span. This is the third card I've featured in a week from out-of-state Oriole fan Randy. This one was the most thoughtful contribution. Randy's employer had a company day at Camden Yards last year, with a private suite and everything. He wasn't personally able to make it, so his boss brought this card back. Joe Orsulak dropped by the suite, as Orioles Alumni often do to mingle with the team's benefactors. When I mentioned a few weeks back that I had narrowly missed an opportunity to get Joe O's autograph, Randy thought I might appreciate this. Of course I do. Now that I've put this up on the blog, hopefully I'll remember to put a few Roberto Clemente cards in the mail for him as promised.


night owl said...

I'm just the opposite: my trade posts are filled with scans, and I don't like going the "milking" route at all.

Of course if I milked trades a little, I wouldn't always be in panic mode over what I was going to write.

Kevin said...

Night Owl - Yeah, knowing that I've staked myself to one post per day, I usually look for something I can do quickly. Different strokes for different folks.

john said...

I just wanted to say thanks to Joe Orsulak for some good time at the ball park. As a kid I always seemed to go to Shea and watch the Mets VS. Pirates. and then it switched to the Yankees vs. Baltimore. I even had a 86 Pirates ball signed by the whole team. My dad worked with Joe's dad and Joe was nice enought to give my dads tickets to take us to games. So I say Thanks Joe.
Jack Dowling Jr.