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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jeff Manto, 1996 Donruss #38

I quite literally have one foot out the door as I type this sentence. I am driving over the Bay Bridge to Chestertown to drop in on reunion weekend at Washington College, the seventh such occasion since my graduation from that fine institution in 2004. It seems impossible that it's been that long, but here we are. Why Jeff Manto? He's the only Oriole who was once traded for Chestertown native Ryan Thompson, a journeyman outfielder who hit .243 in a 9-year career (1992-2002). The deal in question sent Manto to the Indians and Thompson to the Blue Jays on June 5, 1997. Remember that...there will be a quiz later.*

*=There will not be a quiz later.


Commishbob said...

Whose bright idea were those grey hats? Terrible.

OriolePhan said...

i think they are white

Commishbob said...

No, they were gray. 1995/96 road alts. Caps matched gray uni. Looked like crap.

Kevin said...

Bob's right, they're gray, and they were awful. For some reason, a couple teams (including the Pirates and Royals) jumped on the gray-hat kick in the mid-90s. I remember an ESPN anchor mocking them, saying that it looked like everyone shaved their heads.

TTG said...

Around the same time, the Mets, Reds and Red Sox rolled out short-lived white hats- short-lived for a reason as they were also hideous.