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Friday, December 17, 2010

Vintage Fridays: Pat Kelly, 1977 Topps #469

And now, a snippet of conversation between Pat Kelly and Earl Weaver:

KELLY: "Skip, don't you want me to walk with the Lord?"

WEAVER: "I'd rather you walk with the bases loaded."

Aaaand scene.


Commish said...

LOL... perfect!

Dave said...

Earl is quite the character!

Commish said...

And that reminds me... is Earl still alive? ;-)

Kevin said...

I put up a link on my blog that may interest Oriole card collectors today regarding the 1983 team. Check out http://ultimateset.blogspot.com/.

Kevin said...

Bob - Yep, Earl is just as live as Morgan Freeman.

Dave - He sure is. Just ask ex-umpire Ron Luciano.

Kevin - That is an interesting post! I didn't even realize that Boddicker didn't have a 1983 card.

Let's Find H-Man A Wife said...

Loved Pat Kelly. Another great pinch-hitter