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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dave Gallagher, 1991 Topps #349

My friend Andy recently had the pleasure of interviewing former Orioles (and Indians, White Sox, Angels, Mets, Braves, and Phillies) outfielder Dave Gallagher for his High Heat Stats blog. You should give it a read. Dave talks about how he became a Giants fan while growing up in New Jersey, why he didn't sign with the Athletics when they drafted him in 1980, how he learned to lay off of the down and away slider, and more. Sadly, Andy didn't get around to any questions about Gallagher's 23-game stint with the O's in late 1990...I can't imagine why. In all seriousness, it's always good to learn more about a player who wasn't a big star, especially when he gives a bit of his time to one of us "little guys". If you want to keep tabs of Dave, he's on Twitter (@davegallagher22), and has his own website: davegallagherbaseball.com.

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