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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Brady Anderson, 1993 Donruss Spirit of the Game #SG17

This is one of a couple dozen Brady Anderson cards that I picked out from the nickel and dime boxes at the last card show I attended, and it's the rare card that I'll scan front and back. I always liked this insert set from Donruss, since it relies on action photography and often features a sequence of shots from one play. In this case, Brady is sliding head first into second base. The right field scoreboard at Camden Yards is visible in the background, and the old Champs Sports sign makes me a tinge nostalgic. Rangers infielder Jeff Frye is unable to dig out the low throw, so chances are good that Brady is safe. There aren't enough context clues for me to narrow it down further, but I can tell you that this photo was taken during a Rangers-Orioles four-game series in Baltimore from July 23-26, 1992. Frye started all four games at second base for the visitors, and Anderson batted leadoff and started in left field all weekend. Texas took three out of four games, and Brady went 4-for-15 with a pair of doubles, a couple walks, and 3 RBI. He also scored twice and stole two bases, and was picked off first base once.

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