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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sam Horn, 1991 Studio #5

Thank goodness for Donruss' Studio cards. How else would we have known that Sam Horn used a Big Stick?


jacobmrley said...

But did he speak softly? I must know!!!

Epic410 said...

I'm sure with the low resolution HTS offered back int he day, you could probably have made it out.

Kevin said...

Max - Well, I can't recall ever hearing him speak, so I'll say yes.

Epic410 - Ah, Home Team Sports. The days of Mel Proctor and John Lowenstein.

Epic410 said...

I liked Micheal Reghi a lot. SEE YOU LATER!

Anyway back over the summer, when I first got back into collecting again, I found the complete set of 1992 Studio cards on the shopgoodwill.com website. I paid 10 dollars for the whole set and it came complete with a binder and the holders. If you havent seen that website yet, check it out, it is similar to ebay.