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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Koji Uehara, 2010 Topps Chrome #140

Well, the baseball postseason is underway. Who are you rooting for? As usual, I'm in Anyone But the Yankees mode. I'd be okay with the Rays, Rangers, or Brewers because none of those teams has won the World Series. Besides, Koji (*cough and Mike Gonzalez cough*) would look good with a huge gaudy ring with a big 'T' on it. The Tigers haven't won it all since 1984, so their fans have been waiting almost as long we have. Normally, my underdog favoritism would turn me against the Phillies, but I have a lot of friends who are Philly fans and I don't begrudge them their success. The Diamondbacks have stupid uniforms, a swimming pool in the bleachers, and Mark Grace on their telecasts, but they're a good worst-to-first story and if you're so inclined you can cheer for David Hernandez in important late-inning relief appearances. And their coaching staff (Kirk Gibson, Don Baylor, Alan Trammell, Charles Nagy, Eric Young, and Matt Williams) is incredibly badass. My least favorite team in the National League is the Cardinals, because Tony LaRussa is one of the most obnoxious people alive. Mostly I'm just going to enjoy watching as many games as I can, because we've got less than 40 games left to hold us over until 2012.


night owl said...

You've got the Reasons Not To Root For The Diamondbacks nailed down. Throw in the fact that Matt Williams was a jerk-off as a player and Ryan Roberts' neck tattoo and I've got a couple more reasons.

jacobmrley said...

So, looking over the baseball postseason, I have decided to root for the Brewers for three reasons:
1) they have a fat vegetarian
2) they have the rarest of the rare, a Jewish superstar
3) Beer!