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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Albert Belle, 1999 Topps All-Matrix #AM5

Rules of this blog:

1. When Max pops up out of the blue and sends me a padded envelope with a bunch of Orioles cards, a 1972 Topps card of Baltimore Bullets guard Eddie Miles, a 1965 Topps Tug McGraw rookie card (now I'm 14 cards away from the complete set!), and a 1996 reprint of Mickey Mantle's 1965 Topps card (one of the few that I still need for aforementioned set...this will do nicely as a space-filler in the binder), well, I've just got to mark the occasion with a post.

2. When one of the Orioles cards that Max sends is a shiny holographic Albert Belle number, I don't think twice about which card I'll be featuring.

1 comment:

jacobmrley said...

i do try to keep people guessing and pleased at the same time.

also, so glad the bullets card got a shout out...