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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mark Thurmond, 1990 Score #350

I fully realize that this photo was probably snapped while Mark Thurmond was taking his warmup tosses between innings. But it's funny to imagine that his center fielder (probably Mike Devereaux) has lost his focus in mid-game and is staring at a couple of pigeons scrambling for food behind the fence at Memorial Stadium. Normally, the home plate umpire would call time out when something odd happens on the field, but last night Devo yelled some very hurtful things at the ump after a questionable call, and the umpire has let his pettiness get the best of him. Let's just see what happens. Thurmond delivers his pitch to the batter - let's just say it's Pat Tabler - and it gets too much of the plate, allowing Tabler to hit it on a line to center field. The crack of the bat snaps Devereaux out of his momentary trance, but he can't track the path of the ball in time. It glances off of his head, but he avoids serious injury. He does not avoid the nickname "Birdbrain", which follows him around for the rest of the season.

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