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Monday, October 31, 2011

Randy Myers, 1997 Fleer Ultra #9

Okay, it's not Michael Myers, but if you ask me, Randy Myers is just as scary. Instead of a white William Shatner mask and a butcher knife, he had a nasty fastball and a locker full of grenades and hunting knives. If you were a lefthanded batter given a choice between the two, it would probably be a toss-up. Happy Halloween, kids. Don't forget to watch out for cars and share your candy!

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jacobmrley said...

The only player I can remember of recent vintage to get jumped on the field was Mr. Randall K. when he was a Cub. Of all the people on a ballfield to jump, why would you jump the insane gun nut? This, of course, excludes the two idiots who jumped the Chisox first base coach a few years ago. Am i missing anyone here? Am I the only one who remember this?