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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Albert Belle, 2001 Fleer Ultra #139

I hope you exercised your right and duty as an American citizen and voted in the Presidential and State elections today. If not, Albert Belle is coming for you.

This card arrived in the mail today as the spoils of my first successful Listia auction bid. If that's a new one on you, it's an eBay-type site that trades in "points" instead of currency. You earn points in several different ways, but the most reliable is to sell your own items on the site. I haven't gotten off of my lazy duff to offer up any of the chaff in my card collection, so I used some of the 600 credits I got for signing up. If you'd like to join Listia, be a mensch and use my referral link. You'll get 100 extra credits, on top of the standard 500 for signup. I'll get some goodies, too. Happy bidding!

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