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Friday, September 21, 2012

Vintage Fridays: Bobby Adams, 1956 Topps #287

I'm in the middle of another massive, onerous attempt to organize my ever-mushrooming card collection. Since I last got all of my little cardboard ducks in a row a year or two ago, I've let things go to seed again, as several boxes' worth of Orioles cards have been carelessly filled and pushed aside instead of being merged with the already-chronologically-organized portion of my team collection. Then there's the reams of 1980s and 1990s cards I acquired earlier this year, which were mostly mixed together. I've sorted them on a box-by-box basis, but still need to do a mass sorting and cataloguing. I'm weary just thinking of it, but at least I have a few free binders to make things easier and more enjoyable. One of my first aims is to create a binder for my fledgling 1956 Topps set. I never made it a point to collect this set, which is nearly as old as my parents and undoubtedly a bigger challenge than any other I've targeted. But when I spot some especially affordable '50s cards in a bin at a hobby shop or card show, I always find myself gravitating to the iconic design of the 1956 set: the horizontal layout, the head-and-shoulders portrait, the panoramic on-field scene in the background, and of course the cartoon panels on the card back. I'll pick up a handful here, a dozen there...after a few years of this unfocused gathering, I've accumulated 62 of the 340 total cards in the set, a cool 18%. To think I did it without breaking a sweat!

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