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Monday, September 17, 2012

Mychal Givens, 2011 Bowman Chrome #BCP50

If at first you don't succeed...try, try again. The Orioles had high hopes for Mychal Givens when they drafted him with their second-round pick (54th overall) out of Plant High School in Tampa back in 2008. Though many teams projected him as a pitcher, which probably had something to do with the 97 mph fastball he featured as a teenager, the O's developed him as a shortstop. This Bowman card touts his .854 OPS in 2010, but fails to mention the small sample size of 102 plate appearances. Two years later, he still hasn't made it past low-single-A Delmarva. In 2012, Mychal posted a paltry .635 OPS with the Shorebirds, and committed 25 errors in 89 games at shortstop.

On the heels of Givens' subpar season, the Orioles have announced that he will return to the mound in 2013. At 22, he should still have plenty of oomph in his right arm, as well as enough time left in his career to refine his pitching technique. Best of luck to Mychal as he attempts a reverse Adam Loewen.

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