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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Eddie Murray, 1981 Fleer Star Stickers #117

Hey! I actually have a relevant Eddie Murray story to go along with the obligatory card of #33. Last night, my sister and I arrived at Oriole Park at Camden Yards at about 6:00. I was meeting an old friend for a beer at Pickles, so Liz decided to go straight into the park. As she was crossing Washington Boulevard, who should pass by her on a golf cart but Eddie himself. He said hello as he rode by, presumably en route to the on-field pregame ceremony for Brooks Robinson. Then, the O's went out and pulled out a big 4-3 win over Boston, propelling the team once again into a first-place tie with the Yankees. With a win and an Angels loss this afternoon, the Orioles would clinch a postseason berth. What a strange thing to type. Don't wake me, please.


Zach said...


Let me be the first avid OCotD reader to give you a big, hearty congratulations on the O's playoff birth! After reading every day for nearly 5 years, I'm thrilled for you because your true fandom shows through each post. You are the definition of a diehard fan who is knowledgeable and proud of your team's history, which makes you that much more appreciative of your team's highs and patient during your team's lows. Today ended 14 years of lows, and I hope you relish in this moment, no matter what may come in the following weeks. Enjoy -- you earned it!

Oh, and by the way, can you revisit our back-and-forth banter documented in the January 24, 2012 Jack Voigt post? You still holding firm on the 75:1 odds? ;-)

Chris said...


It's been a real pleasure reading your posts for the last couple of years. After watching Machado hit that go ahead HR on Brooks's night, I think anything is possible. Thanks for posting the Chito Martinez card, and I hope you enjoy the next few weeks, God knows you've earned it more than anyone else.