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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sherman Obando, 1993 Topps Traded #23T

Tonight I show you this card for two reasons. Firstly, he is one of three Panamanians to play for the Orioles. The others are Chico Salmon and Bruce Chen, both of whom have been featured on this blog over the past few weeks. Secondly, the following sentence appears on the back on the card:

"His brother, German Obando, played at Bradenton in 1984."

Let's back that up:

"His brother, German Obando..."

German Obando. Brother of Sherman Obando. German and Sherman Obando. Germ n' Sherm.

Some parents have a cruel sense of humor.


jacobmrley said...

No mention of Thurman? Is he the Cooper Manning of the Obando crew?

Kevin said...

He sure is. But pity poor Herman Obando, the true black sheep of the clan.