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Monday, October 25, 2010

Rodrigo Lopez, 2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot #15

Did you know that Rodrigo Lopez is still in the major leagues? Well, he was in 2010 anyhow. He might not crack an MLB rotation again any time soon. The bottom-feeding Arizona Diamondbacks were stretched so thin that they gave the ex-Oriole 33 starts, leaving him out there to absorb 200 innings of punishment. In the previous three seasons combined, Rodrigo had totaled 21 games pitched in the majors, due largely to injuries and a dash of ineffectiveness.

Did I say ineffectiveness? That was the name of the game for Lopez in 2010. 7 wins, a National League-worst 16 losses, and a 5.00 ERA. He also took the booby prizes for most earned runs allowed (111) and most home runs surrendered (37). He allowed 227 hits and walked 56 for a WHIP of 1.42.

Do you know what the real kicker is? That wasn't even the worst season Rodrigo has ever had. That would be his 2006 swan song with the O's, when he won 9 and lost a league-worst 18. He gave the Birds a ghastly 5.90 ERA and served up more earned runs (124) than any other American Leaguer. He also allowed an unheard-of 234 hits and 59 walks in 189 innings - a 1.55 WHIP. Just imagine how much more damage he would have done if Sam Perlozzo hadn't banished him to the bullpen late in the season.


Ryan said...

I knew he was bad while with the O's, but not that bad!

Kevin said...

Ryan - With Ponson, Cabrera, and their ilk also stinking up the joint, Rodrigo's struggles kind of got lost in the shuffle.