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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chito Martinez, 1992 Stadium Club #438

I recently received a thoughtful comment from a reader named Chris, who said that he'd been enjoying my blog for a year or so and wondered if I could post a card of Chito Martinez. I'm always happy to comply with such requests, especially since it means that I don't have to wrack my brain for one night to decide which card to feature. It also gave me an excuse to post this excellent card. Of course that's Mark McGwire playing first base for the Oakland A's as Chito breaks for second, casting his shadow on the Memorial Stadium infield dirt. This photo would have been taken either on July 26 or July 28, 1991. Those were the only two Oakland at Baltimore games that Martinez played in that year in which he reached base. He did not attempt a steal in either game, so that doesn't help us pinpoint it. Both games were Oriole losses, by the way, as was their style in 1991.


Steve78 said...

How about the bottom of the fifth in the July 28 game. Martinez walked, then was doubled off first after a line-drive to third. If he was running on the pitch, he wouldn't have been able to get back.

By the way, hoped you checked out my write-up on Chito from last month. Always cool to see players from my CMC set on other cards.

Rounding Thirty 3rd said...

I also think this was the July 28 game - but I think it was the 1st inning. With Milligan on second, McGwire was not holding the runner on. So when the count reached 3-1, the runners went with the pitch, and Gomez' ground ball to short required the SS to go to first for the out instead of the easy toss to second.

Of course that is all just a wild guess.

Kevin said...

Great work, guys! This is probably the most research that has ever involved Chito Martinez. :)

Chris said...

Hey thanks for posting the card! I asked about Chito Martinez b/c he was the first Oriole I can remember rooting for, before even Cal. I can't remember why, but then I was pretty young at the time so I guess it didn't need to make sense.

Kevin said...

Chris - You're welcome! In my early years of fandom, I remember feeling legitimate excitement about Jimmy Haynes and Curtis Goodwin. It happens.