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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

T. R. Lewis, 1994 Upper Deck Minors #11

Every once in a while, there's a surprise waiting for me in my inbox. On Sunday, I had a new email from T. R. Lewis. Someone had made him aware that I'd featured him on this blog, in a December entry in which I lamented the unfairness of the universe. A guy with a name like Theodore Roosevelt Lewis, who survived being tossed from a car at 75 mph, would have made a great story as a major leaguer. T. R.'s email was entitled "What's fair got to do with it?", but it really sounds like he's got a positive outlook. He says that he has been making lemons from lemonade, and that his derailed path to the majors was complicated by the fact that he was a clean player in the steroid era. However, he rightfully asserts that his namesake would have been proud, and assured me that he has no problems sleeping at night.

T. R. is currently working as a scout from the Arizona Diamondbacks in the Gulf Coast region (Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi), and is a father of two boys. His optimistic approach to life may have been influenced by the car accident that was referenced on his 1993 Bowman card. As he told me in his last email, a passenger in his car was also ejected and died as a result of his injuries. Despite not making it to Camden Yards, Lewis recognizes that he is lucky to be alive, much less to have played pro baseball after the accident.

T. R., if you're reading this, thanks for taking the time to get in touch.

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