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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eddie Watt, 1991 Crown/Coca-Cola All-Time Orioles #476

Former reliever Eddie Watt attended the University of Northern Iowa. I had no connection to the University of Northern Iowa until yesterday, when I picked the 12th-seeded Panthers to advance to the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. This was a "sleeper pick", or an "upset pick". It's what smart people do.

UNI lost their first-round game this afternoon to 5th-seeded Purdue, 61-56. Just like that, my chances of winning the office pool took a big hit. I also picked Maryland, the only team that I've followed closely all year (and a team that pleasantly surprised me with their success in the ACC tournament), to lose in the first round to a vulnerable Cal team. So Eddie Watt stands here tonight as a testament to my stupidity, as I once again remind myself why I don't spend much money on the gambling arts.


William said...

I picked Alabama State to go all the way...boy talk about egg on my face!

night owl said...

I've quit playing in the office pool for the examples you just showed. I don't follow the sport enough to know what's going on.

Rounding Thirty 3rd said...

In 2002 I won the office pool when I picked Maryland to win it all (the first time I had picked them to go that far). With no where to go but down, and the odds against me, I have not filled out a bracket since then.

--David said...

That is a very cool 'oddball' card!

GM-Carson said...

More Hardball took a look at some Baltimore Orioles players' last names like Bass, Pie, Ray, Waters, Spoone, Walker, and Hill and photoshopped appropriate baseball cards to their namesake. I wonder if Topps would market these?

Link: http://morehardball.blogspot.com/2009/03/whats-in-name_20.html

We appreciate the shout-out if you like it.

Kevin said...

William - You think that's bad? My champion was George Mason! ;-)

night owl - Eh, it only set me back $5. It's fun to follow along anyway.

Tim - So you pulled a Sandy Koufax and went out on top? Bravo!

david - I've got the whole set...everyone who played at least one game for the O's from 1954-1990! Click the "1991 all time orioles" tag at the footer of the post to see a few others from this set.

GM-Carson - That's pretty funny. Jamie Walker's card is especially appropriate.

Rounding Thirty 3rd said...

I have to agree, when I saw Walker's card, I thought it was perfect. The Bass card was pretty good as well.