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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Billy Ripken, 1987 Donruss The Rookies #16

This is Bill Ripken's only rookie card from 1987, the year he debuted with the Orioles. As you might have guessed, the photo was taken during Spring Training, as Billy never wore #56 in the regular season. Judging from the blurry figure in the dugout behind him, the opponent was the Rangers.

Former Orioles second baseman and manager Davey Johnson is the skipper of this year's United States team at the World Baseball Classic. If you watched yesterday's win over Canada or tonight's game against Venezuela, you probably saw another ex-O's second baseman in the first base coaches' box: Mr. William Oliver Ripken. Nice work if you can get it, but Billy's had a bit of rough sailing this Spring. Last Tuesday, Team USA traveled to Steinbrenner Field (urgh) to face the Yankees in an exhibition game. Someone apparently entered the locker room during the game and stole $400 and a credit card from Ripken's wallet. Nothing else was reported missing, though pitching coach Mel Stottlemyre's wallet seemed to have been taken and moved to another part of the clubhouse.

If you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Billy Ripken's personal effects, feel free to contact USA Baseball. Maybe they'll offer you an autographed Joel Hanrahan ball or something.


jacobmrley said...

had to be rueben rivera - had to be...

Kevin said...

Maybe it was Tatum Bell, the ex-Lions RB.