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Friday, November 28, 2008

Vintage Fridays: Fred Holdsworth, 1977 Topps #466

Is it my imagination, or does reliever Fred Holdsworth look a little queasy in this photo? I blame it on his surroundings. After all, the entirety of Oakland-Alameda County Stadium appears to be a little crooked. Did the world suddenly tilt about fifteen degrees to our left, Fred's right? If so, why exactly are the Athletics still taking batting practice unabated, as though nothing is awry? Something serious is going on here; even the scoreboard has blacked out. Maybe this is one of those earthquakes that are all the rage in California, particularly in the Bay Area. "What if they want to whisk me away in an ambulance for further examination?" the O's righthander wonders. "Did I remember to wear clean underwear today? Wait a minute...am I even wearing underwear at all? These west coast road trips always throw me out of whack. Why won't he just snap the photo already?"

Or, you know, maybe the photographer just hadn't had his V8 yet that day.

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