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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Richie Lewis, 1993 Donruss #265

Ten Things You May Not Know About Richie Lewis:

1. His middle name is Todd. There was a pitcher in the MLB from 1997-2004 named Todd Ritchie - no relation.

2. Despite being listed on this card as 5'10", baseball-reference.com insists that he was actually 5'6", making him one of the shortest pitchers ever.

3. Pitched in the majors for parts of seven seasons despite being drafted in 1987 as a 44th-round pick by the Expos.

4. Made his debut on July 31, 1992 with the Orioles, in the second game of a doubleheader. Despite allowing five hits, six walks, and three runs and being knocked out in the fifth inning, Richie earned the win. (The O's scored four runs off of the Red Sox in a rain-shortened game.)

5. Had one of the lowest ERAs for the first-ever Florida Marlins team in 1993 (3.26). Was also the only pitcher with more than one decision to have a winning record (6-3) for the club, which finished 64-98.

6. His career was bookended by two-game stints in Baltimore in which he posted ERAs above 10 (10.80 in 1992, 15.43 in 1998).

7. Most hitters worry about having their timing disrupted by knuckleball pitchers. One of Richie's two career hits was a single against knuckleballer Tom Candiotti of the Dodgers.

8. Richie led the National League in wild pitches with ten in 1994.

9. Coached the pitchers of the A-ball Columbus (GA) Catfish in 2006. The team's manager was Travis Barbary, who may or may not be a pirate.

10. His Wikipedia entry is baffling in its declaration that "He spent seven professional seasons with Julio Mosquera, longer than any other teammate". That may well be true, but why would it be noteworthy?

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