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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Frank Robinson, 2003 Playoff Portraits #107

Oriole fans, your 36-year-wait is finally over. I already went on at length about the new and long-rumored "Baltimore" road jerseys when word first leaked out in June, so I will say only a few words. I think it's fantastic that the team included Boog Powell and Jim Palmer as a part of the fan rally/uniform unveiling this afternoon. There are plenty of other subtle changes, all of which suit me just fine: the tweaking of the bird on the cap, the Maryland flag encircled by "Baltimore Orioles"/"Orioles Baseball", the return of orange sleeve and pants piping, the orange brims on the helmets, the "swinging bird" logo returning to the jacket sleeve, and so forth. I'll let the pictures do the talking from this point forward.


Spiff said...

Nice jerseys. I also like the Maryland flag on the sleeve.

Commish said...

Pix of our sweet new 'Baltimore' jerseys and a Frank Robinson card in one entry! Nice job, Kevin.

dayf said...

Hey, those look pretty good! Not as good as Frank though.

Kevin said...

Thanks Bob! That jersey is definitely going on the Christmas list.

dayf - Well, nothing beats Frank. He's a BMF.