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Monday, November 3, 2008

Chris Britton, 2006 Upper Deck #905

Chris Britton by you.
Here we have the pride of Hollywood, Florida, relief pitcher Chris Britton. For the third straight Presidential Election, Chris' home state figures to be hotly contested. I already know that I'm going to spend waaaay too much time tomorrow reading, refreshing, and reacting to political news. With that in mind, I'm getting my "Get Out the Vote" post out of the way tonight. So once again, if you're a registered voter, I hope you take the time tomorrow to exercise your constitutional right and make your voice heard. It doesn't matter whether you're voting for this guy:

Or this guy:

Or even writing in this guy:


Speak now, or forever shut your trap.


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Kevin said...

Funny story: Last year, I got this brilliant idea to write a blog in the style of Macho Man Randy Savage, as though he were running for President. I got bored with it pretty quickly, but I still think it was one of my more brilliant schemes. I even designed an "OOOHHHH YEEEAAAHHH IN '08!" t-shirt.