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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chito Martinez, 1992 Bowman #19

You may notice that I have tinkered with my widgets, which is the sort of thing that can get you arrested in some states. I had added a slideshow of the O's cards that I'd previously posted to the left side of the blog, but I wasn't thrilled that it stopped at a certain point (about 100 cards in, I think) and returned to the beginning. I thought it might get repetitive. So for now, I've replaced it with the Song O' the Day. In the days before these cards became my blogging focus, I had a LiveJournal that I updated regularly. I tagged every post with a song, usually whatever I was listening to at the time or a tune that I just couldn't get out of my head. Very occasionally, it would be tangentially related to whatever I was writing.

I love music, especially when it comes to sharing it with my friends and family. So I thought a music widget would be a fun diversion for everyone. When applicable, I will provide a YouTube video link. Plus, now you, my readers, can find out how awesome my taste in music is. DISCLAIMER: the proprietor of this blog does not, in fact, have awesome taste in music. Any posting of cool songs and/or artists herein is either coincidental or the result of recommendations by said blogger's much hipper friends and/or family.

With the legalese out of the way, tonight's song is "Orange Sky" by Alexi Murdoch. Based on this song choice, I have scanned and posted early 90s outfielder Chito Martinez, who is wearing a batting practice jersey that happens to be...orange. Plus, he's Chito, which is like Chee-tos, which are of course orange. And delicious.


Commish said...

Kevin, you went a looong way around to the card reference today. Nicely done (grin)

And proving once again that the early 90's represent a 'black hole' in my Orioles fandom... I have no idea who Chito Martinez is.
Tippy? Oh yes. Dennis? A favorite. But Chito? Nope.

Kevin said...

Bob - Chito fits quite nicely in that black hole. He turned heads as a rookie in 1991 with 13 home runs in 216 at-bats, but his power dropped the next year (5 HR in 198 AB). He was hitless in 15 at-bats in 1993 when the team banished him to Rochester, never to return.

A line from the great sabermetric guru Bill James about Mark McLemore always made me laugh. He mentioned that Mac took over in right field when the Orioles' platoon (Martinez and Luis Mercedes) "didn't do Chito".