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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cal Ripken Jr., 1999 Upper Deck UD Choice #36

It's a good thing that I have a handful of faithful readers like Zach to pay close attention to arbitrary numeric milestones, otherwise I would never have realized that I was on the precipice of 2,632 blog posts. While it would be tempting to just hang up my proverbial spikes tonight, just as Cal asked out of the Orioles' lineup 17 years ago, nobody likes a copycat. Besides, sharing my collection and my scattered thoughts with you helps me to feel like there's some further purpose to my card-accumulating madness. So let's get started on the next 2,632, and in the meantime...does this butt-ugly card make anybody feel like drinking a nice, cold glass of Sunny Delight?


Zach said...

Huzzah for the shoutout! I don't think there are any more memorable numbers after this except 3,000. You got this!

jacobmrley said...

I'd like to thank your O's for helping the Mets slowly back into the playoffs.

O's fan in Buffalo said...

FYI - lots of Os postcards for sale.