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Monday, April 11, 2011

Joe Orsulak, 1993 Upper Deck #260

Reasons Why 1993 Upper Deck Is The Daddy Mack, Or Maybe Just The Most Visually Arresting Set Ever:

a) This card

2) Seriously, how great is that photo?

Even the neon gradient stripe with gold script writing gives just the right touch. It's unmistakably 1990s and yet it aged well. I certainly hope that Joe O caught the ball, but the great thing is that I can always play it out that way in my head.


Anonymous said...

whys he wearing #8

Orioles Magic said...

This is really an underrated set.

Kevin said...

Orioleseagles11 - That's actually #6. I think there's a fold in the fabric.

Ryan - I got the factory set for Christmas in 1993. Very glad to have it.

Rounding Thirty 3rd said...

Two comments - first, he looks so nonchalant (his momentum not taking him into the wall), that I feel like the shot was "posed".

Second, does it look like he is wearing a right-handed glove?

Commishbob said...

The only way to improve this set would be to have reduced or removed the UD wordmark across the top in favor of a smaller logo. But really its good as it is.

Kevin said...

Tim - You could be right. I've always assumed Brady's 1993 Upper Deck card was posed - He's leaping at the fence with completely empty stands behind him.

There is something funny about that glove...

Bob - One thing I appreciated about the Upper Deck wordmark is that they sometimes layered it behind the player to give the photo more dimension. For instance, Jose Guzman's cap with the Cubs' "C" covered up the "C" in Deck. Pretty cool.