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Monday, April 4, 2011

Brian Roberts, 2008 Topps Triple Threads Emerald #8

As I drove home from work this afternoon, I listened to the latter half of the Orioles' 5-1 win on WBAL. By some unfortunate coincidence, I tuned in just seconds after Brian Roberts' second three-run home run of the season cleared the right-center field fence. But I did get to hear Koji Uehara breeze through a 1-2-3 ninth inning to make the team's fourth straight win official. In case you're wondering, the O's haven't been 4-0 since 1997, which happens to be the last time they won the American League East. Hell, it was the last time they had a winning record, period. I know, small sample sizes, long season, yadda yadda. As radio announcer Joe Angel said after the final out today, "Yeah, I know it's early, but this sure is a lot of fun.".

The Orioles got their fourth win of 2010 on April 27, some 20 games into the season. They were already 11 games out of first place. So I - we - can be excused for soaking it up now, for as long as it continues. 17 runs scored and 4 allowed. A healthy-looking Brian Roberts (knock wood) leading the American League in runs batted in. Camden Yards rocking and filled to capacity on an 80-degree day after a solid week of unseasonably cold temperatures. Earl Weaver ringing in the home portion of the schedule by tossing out the first pitch to Buck Showalter.

I could learn to enjoy this.


deal said...

Team Phungo was in the Yard on Monday - great game - perfect day. Hopefully Pix later this wk.

Kevin said...

Deal - Checked out the blog - great photos! I particularly liked the action shots of Guerrero and Arrieta.