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Monday, February 2, 2015

Sammy Sosa, 2006 Topps Heritage #60

Crappy Anniversary to the Orioles, who made a desperate stab at relevance on Groundhog Day in 2005 by acquiring Sammy Sosa from the Cubs just thiiiis much past his expiration date. As it turned out, the path back to the postseason was to focus on top-to-bottom roster depth: strong defenders, strike-throwing mid-rotation pitchers, and fungible power hitters. It had little to do with tossing millions of dollars at whichever mid-to-late career "name players" were willing to go slumming at the bottom of the American League East. Who'd have thunk it?

This is as good a time as any to share a photo of a true oddball item that my friend Mike picked up at a recent garage sale. For a dollar (or maybe even less), he brought home this Sammy Sosa "CelebriDuck":

Because I don't know what's good for me, that abomination is now sitting on a shelf above my TV. So share in my pain.

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Commishbob said...

A couple more nips and tucks for Sammy and he would REALLY look like that duck.