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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mike Flanagan, 1993 Topps #381

I often feel cheesy when I post the same card on two blogs on the same day, but when I examined this Mike Flanagan card for my 1993 Topps series earlier today, I was struck anew by the dynamic photo. It's the last Topps card of Flanny's career, and he went out on top, as we get to peer over the catcher's shoulder at the 40-year-old lefty's follow-through while the ball spins toward the plate. I want to say that he's pitching in Yankee Stadium, but I reserve the right to be wrong. I also find myself wondering when I'll be able to hear Mike Flanagan's name without thinking about the tragic and avoidable way that he left us. It might not ever happen, really.

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