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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Brooks Robinson, 2000 Topps Stars #106

It doesn't quite come through in the scan, but the larger, background image of Brooks Robinson on the front of this card has a silvery sheen. It gives an impression of the third baseman as an ice sculpture. A Brooksie ice sculpture would not have been out of place in the Mid-Atlantic yesterday afternoon, as the region was blasted with its first significant snow storm of the year. My wife and I drove smack into the wintry weather on our way home from a weekend visit to her family in Charlotte (hence the lack of updates to this blog since last Wednesday - well, that plus a nasty cold that laid me low on Thursday). As we traveled northbound on I-81 through Virginia, the white stuff began covering the road rather quickly. Near Christiansburg, we saw evidence of three accidents within the span of a few miles, two of them involving tractor trailers. That was enough to convince us to postpone the final 300 or so miles of our trip. By 3:30 Monday afternoon, we were checked in at the lovely Quality Inn in Salem, VA. And so a holiday weekend was extended by a day; we would've rather hunkered down at home for today's day off from work, but we made ourselves comfortable in our hotel room and were grateful to have clear highways to travel when we resumed the drive today. And now, I return you to our regularly scheduled blog nonsense.

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