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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Roberto Alomar, 1997 Fleer Ultra Top 30 #19

In 1996, Roberto Alomar scored 132 runs in 153 games with the Orioles, breaking Frank Robinson's 30-year-old team record of 122. Runs are something the current O's desperately need, as they've gone 21 innings without scoring any. Two nights ago the suddenly dominant Mets knuckleballer R. A. Dickey held them to one measly Wilson Betemit single. Last night they got a whopping four hits off of Johan Santana, and another against reliever Miguel Batista, but none of those safeties came with runners in scoring position. The team's offensive woes actually go back to the opener of the current six-game road trip, when they scraped together only two runs against Tommy Hanson and the Braves. Put it all together and the Orioles have scored nine total runs in their past five games, only winning two of them thanks to their top starters (Jason Hammel and Wei-Yin Chen) keeping the Braves off of the scoreboard. This just shows how cruel and fickle baseball can be; in the three-game home series against the Pirates that preceded this fallow road swing, Baltimore hammered Pittsburgh's staff to the tune of 27 total runs. But streaks were made to be broken, so here's hoping that the Birds can put the whammy on Dillon Gee tonight.


jacobmrley said...

It only took them 8 innings, but they eventually did. Then Frank Frank did everything he could but escort the tying run home, but somehow held on. Somehow, he reminds me of a lesser Armando Benitez.

Kevin said...

Max - You can have Kevin Gregg if you want him.