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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dave Schmidt, 1989 Topps #677

You have my word that I don't consider myself an overly superstitious fan. But the Orioles, who finally dropped out of first place with last night's ugly 5-1 loss to the Rays, are clinging to a 2-1 lead in the eighth inning this afternoon. They have gotten seven great innings of two-hit ball from Brian Matusz, as well as Endy Chavez's first home run since last August, and I don't want either of those things to go to waste.

In that spirit, I give you Dave Schmidt, who earned a pretty goofy save with three scoreless innings in relief of Mark Williamson on April 29, 1988. The Orioles beat the White Sox 9-0 on a Friday night in old Comiskey Park. This game was noteworthy as the first win for Baltimore following a major-league record 21 straight losses to open the 1988 season. Cal Ripken, Jr. did most of the damage with three runs scored in addition to a home run, a double, and a pair of singles. After Williamson limited the Pale Hose to three singles in six innings, Schmidt took the ball and permitted nothing more than a Donnie Hill single in his three frames.

Sure, a 6-game slide is nothing compared to a 21-gamer, but I'd still like to see the Birds snap out of their funk today.


Commishbob said...

I remember that night like it was yesterday. Fred Hickman and Nick Charles did CNN Sports Tonite back then, a competitor to Sportscenter. They opened the show with confetti, noisemakers and those goofy paper hats to celebrate the O's win.

I, for one, didn't find it funny.

Kevin said...

Bob - 25 years later, national reporters are still having fun at our expense. But I'm trying to stay sunny. That game last night might not have gone our way in years past. Struggles or no, the O's are in first place on June 6!