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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jim Dwyer, 1986 Fleer #274

"Howdy, folks! This is your old pal, Jim 'Pigpen' Dwyer, comin' atcha from the not-too-distant past with a brief announcement! Like most good men and women, I'm enjoying a relaxing Labor Day Weekend...um, in the past. Right. Anyway, I'm doing some fishing, a little bit of reading, and of course, squeezing in a photo shoot for Franklin's new vulcanized rubber batting gloves. But I thought I would drop in to let you know that your good friend and blogger Kevin is still toiling in his new living space, unloading and meticulously arranging boxes full of the kind of mind-boggling garbage that takes twenty-six or so years to accumulate. He's been up since six this morning, and he's a bit too weary to talk about baseball cards at the moment. But tomorrow is a day of rest, Lord willin', and I'm sure he'd like nothing better than to pop back in during the day to do his thing. Thanks for your time, and for talking me out of that Broncos Super Bowl pick."

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