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Monday, August 18, 2008

Jamie Moyer, 1996 Donruss #69

Ten Reasons Why Jamie Moyer is Awesome:

1. He beat Steve Carlton in his major-league debut.

2. He won 34 games in his twenties, 130 in his thirties (including 20 for the first time at age 38!), and 77 so far in his forties.

3. Nicknamed former Oriole teammate Jack Voigt "Roy Hobbs" because the outfielder hit so well against him in the minor leagues.

4. Is a punctual through-the-mail autographer.

5. Is twenty-ninth all-time in career strikeouts, despite topping out at 158 for a single season.

6. Hasn't lost to the Washington Nationals franchise since 1991...when they were known as the Montreal Expos. (Sure, he was in the American League for most of his career, but it's still a fun stat.) In a similar vein, he went sixteen years between RBI and nineteen years between doubles as a hitter. He also set a record by going 20 years and 2 days between wins vs. the Braves.

7. At the age of 45, recently plowed into first-base ump Randy Marsh while rounding the bases. He had just legged out a bunt, and wound up at third base thanks to several Pirates miscues.

8. A recent article suggested that he could pitch until he's fifty. Moyer didn't shoot down the speculation, indicating only that he planned to pitch next year.

9. Has been involved in trades featuring three different players named Andrew.

10. He and his wife founded the Moyer Foundation, which assists at-risk children.


desert plume said...

Love this guy. Plus, based on the two interviews we've seen, he's truly articulate when he talks about pitching.

Andy said...

I see only two Andrews he was traded for...who are the three?

Kevin said...

Andy - When he and Palmeiro were traded from the Cubs to the Rangers, Drew Hall was involved. His birth name was Andrew - I checked. ;)