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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chad Bradford, 2008 Upper Deck First Edition #145

Rebuilding means saying goodbye to veterans, even sentimental favorites. Chad Bradford was one of the Orioles I liked the most, even though he didn't make it through his second season in Baltimore. I've always enjoyed the unusual throwing motion of submarine pitchers, and Chad used that odd delivery to his advantage as one of the quietest, most effective relievers in baseball. He almost never gives up home runs (making the moon shot that Manny Ramirez hit off of him for his 500th career longball that much more remarkable) and doesn't walk a lot of guys. He doesn't get a lot of attention because he shrinks from the spotlight and middle relievers are by and large an anonymous bunch. Hopefully now that he's back in a pennant race, Chad will get his due - whether he likes it or not.

I'm sorry to see Chad Bradford go, but I'm glad that he'll get a chance to win some hardware. I'm even happier that he'll be doing so for the Tampa Bay Rays, who the O's should see as kindred spirits (as well as a blueprint for future success). Chad will still be fighting the good fight against the Yankees and Red Sox; as an Orioles fan, that's all I ask.

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