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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Jonathan Schoop, 2015 Topps Chrome #32

Are you ready for Opening Day? (Two weeks to go!) Here in my humble home, we're doing our level best. Season tickets arrived on our doorstep on Tuesday; for the sixth consecutive season, my sister and I have two seats on a 29-game plan. That means we'll be at Oriole Park at Camden Yards when the O's face the Twins on March 29th. We bought two extra tickets for the opener, so that Janet and my dad can join us as well...and naturally, Finn will be there too, since he's still young enough that he won't need his own seat.

Nobody is doing more to gear up for the 2018 season than our near-21-month-old. Finn's vocabulary has been exploding lately, and some of his favorite new words and phrases are: baseball ("BEEBAW!"), Orioles (and "Oriole hat" - he always wants to wear one of his caps or our replica batting helmet), and "Let's go O's!". That last one comes out sounding like "oh-oh-O's!", but he'll get the hang of it. Any time he sees a piece of Birds memorabilia, he excitedly exclaims one or more of the above phrases. It doesn't even have to include the cartoon bird logo; as long as it's orange and black, he knows the deal. We've indoctrinated - I mean, taught - him right.

A few weeks ago, we even bought Finn his first player tee shirt. It features Jonathan Schoop's name and number six, and it fits him just right. Here he is wearing it in tandem with Janet's adjustable O's cap last weekend, when we met Janet's sister for dinner at Heavy Seas Ale House. He is ready for some beebaw.


jacobmrley said...

Well, that is just too damn cute for words.

I will be taking my nephew to his first baseball game this season where three grown-ups will get to wrangle a 4-year old and an equally-aged 21 month old for nine innings. Should be a hoot, or we can sell the kids on the streets of Philly, one or the other.

Kevin said...

Max - Just get them some Chickie's and Pete's and they should be fine. Maybe some Bull's BBQ?

Commishbob said...

You’re raising him right! I tried to make my boys Orioles fans (shirts, Orioles bedding, etc) but like me they had independent streaks and they are both devoted Astros guys. Could be worse I guess. Neither one of them has ever been in jail. ,-)

Kevin said...

Bob - Hey, they root for their own home team! It's not like they're Yankee fans.