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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Brian Roberts, 2006 Topps Co-Signers #58

I have to admit that I'm not finding a lot of things worth mentioning about the 2009 incarnation of the Baltimore Orioles (currently on a 3 win, 14 loss skid...bleah), but Brian Roberts reached a notable milestone in yesterday's game. The diminutive second baseman, who spent the first three seasons of his career battling with Jerry Hairston for a spot in the starting lineup, became the fifteenth player in Orioles history to play 1,000 games. It's great to know that one of my favorite players is now in such rare company as one of the team's all-time players. Here's the full list. Rich Dauer sticks out like a sore thumb, and it's eerie that Rafael Palmeiro played exactly 1,000 games in Baltimore before disappearing forever.

Games Played as an Oriole

1. Cal Ripken, Jr. (1981-2001) - 3,001
2. Brooks Robinson (1955-1977) - 2,896
3. Mark Belanger (1965-1981) - 1,962
4. Eddie Murray (1977-1988; 1996) - 1,884
5. Boog Powell (1961-1974) - 1,763
6. Brady Anderson (1988-2001) - 1,759
7. Paul Blair (1964-1976) - 1,700
8. Ken Singleton (1975-1984) - 1,446
9. Al Bumbry (1972-1984) - 1,428
10. Rick Dempsey (1976-1986; 1992) - 1,245
11. Melvin Mora (2000-present) - 1,141
12. Rich Dauer (1976-1985) - 1,140
13. Brian Roberts (2001-present) - 1,001
B. J. Surhoff (1996-2000; 2003-2005) - 1,001
15. Rafael Palmeiro (1994-1998; 2004-2005) - 1,000


Rounding Thirty 3rd said...

Dauer didn't surprise me - he was a solid performer for the late 70's early 80's O's. Not a big hitter or a flashy fielder, but he followed the "Oriole Way" - put the ball in play, move the runner, make the smart play in the field, don't give the other team extra outs. Everyone forgets he was a top prospect, a #1 draft pick by the Orioles that actually panned out!

The names that surprised me were B. J. Surhoff - amassing 1000+ games despite being traded and granted free agency almost every year (or so it seemed).

Additionally, I was surprised by Melvin Mora. I guess because he spent those first four years as a utility player. In fact, when I looked back at those first four years, he played every field position except catcher and ... 3rd base!

Kevin said...

Tim - Yeah, Melvin Mora's career arc is one of the unlikeliest you'll ever see. In the Rob Neyer Book of Lineups that I've been reading, he puts Mora at SS on the O's worst all-time defensive team. generally acknowledging that the position has never been a long-term weakness for the Birds (Mora played only 150 games total at short for the O's).

Stacey said...

It IS hard to think of anything to say about these jokers. Hard to watch, too.

But congratulations to Brian. I'm happy that he's been around so long. I can only imagine that he's second guessing that off season contract now.

Kevin said...

Stacey - It's hard to say whether he's having second thoughts. After all, if the 2009-10 free agent market plays out like 2008-09 did, he certainly wouldn't be getting as hefty a contract as he did.