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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

J. J. Hardy, 2014 Bowman #104

All good things must come to an end, and so it is tonight; the Orioles' season-opening seven-game win streak was snuffed out in Boston tonight. But we might as well take a moment to recognize how special that 7-0 start was. Not only was it the best start to a regular season in O's history (only bested in franchise annals by the 9-0 mark by the 1944 St. Louis Browns), it was the longest win streak for any Orioles team since 2005. I knew that the Birds hadn't ripped off many extended winning jags in recent years, but I was still surprised to hear that. A belated tip of the cap to J. J. Hardy, who took advantage of the ridiculous dimensions at Fenway Park in last night's Dolly Parton Special (9-5 final, you know?) by wrapping a pair of two-run homers around the Pesky Pole down the right field line. Any time you can squeak out a couple of sub-340-foot home runs, that's a good night at the office.


Zach said...

You used the terms "Dolly Parton," "pair," and "dimensions" in the same sentence, and you weren't even talking about her...you know.

Kevin said...

Zach: ...Theme park?