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Friday, January 30, 2015

Vintage Fridays: Lee May, 1978 Topps #640

Lee May brought a lot more to the Orioles than his on-field performance during his six years in Baltimore. Here's a quote from Eddie Murray, excerpted from John Eisenberg's oral history of the team, From 33rd Street to Camden Yards:

"Lee May had some good qualities, and he tried to show me the right way to do things-and not to do things. Some were off the field. Like, always listen. If someone tells you five things, you might use two-but that's two more than you had. And he said, 'If you sit down and break bread with someone, you should be able to pick up a check.' So not just baseball things, but being a major leaguer. It was a learning thing. And then the way when Earl would scream at someone, and Lee would come along behind and pat the guy and say, 'Way to go.' Keeping his head up. They were almost a team that way. Earl was making his point, and Lee was, too."

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