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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mike Mussina, 1991 Bowman #97

The Hall of Fame ballot is still an overcrowded mess thanks to mental midgets like Pedro "it's not journalism" Gomez and Jon "steroid specter" Heyman, but at least multiple worthy candidates are managing to navigate the minefield to Cooperstown. Congratulations to 2015 inductees Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz, and Craig Biggio. None of the eligible former Orioles received the required 75% of votes cast, so none will be enshrined in the Hall this summer. However, all of the ex-O's on the ballot saw an uptick in their support except for Sammy Sosa, who dropped from 7.2% last year to 6.6% this year, but still hangs onto eligibility for another go-round. Better luck in 2016 to Tim Raines (55%), Curt Schilling (39.2%), Lee Smith (30.2%), Mike Mussina (24.6%), and last but not least, Slammin' Sammy. My only further opinion on this year's results is that the three-quarters of the BBWAA electorate who don't think Moose is Hall-worthy need their heads examined.

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