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Monday, January 26, 2015

Eddie Murray, 1997 Pinnacle #65

It's rare that I go a full weekend without posting unless I'm out of town, but for the past two days I was busier than Eddie Murray at an ass-kicking contest. On Saturday I put my new home brewing kit to the test and started making my first homemade beer, an IPA. I did not expect it to take six hours. All that, and it still won't be ready to drink for another four weeks. The next time I buy a six-pack from the store, I'll be a little more appreciative of the convenience for the price. We spent all afternoon on Sunday doing some much-overdue cleaning around the house. I can neither confirm nor deny that we left our Christmas decorations up for a full month after Christmas. Then last night, I made the 90-minute drive up to Philadelphia with a couple of friends to view WWE's Royal Rumble live from the Wells Fargo Center. So that's why I was missing in action...not that you asked.


Zach said...

My inner monologue asked where you were. I didn't get an answer, which was good but also disheartening. You deserve a laid back offseason too. Spring Training is just around the corner, so rest up!

Zach said...

PS: Can I request some '91 Donruss? I need some green border to spice up the gray winter.

Kevin said...

Zach - '91 Donruss coming right up! For some reason the green Series 2 borders are much less offensive to me than the blue Series 1. Maybe I've just seen way too many of the Series 1 cards in my time.