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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Brian Matusz, 2011 Topps Orioles Team Set #BAL3

Another Orioles FanFest is in the books, and it feels like we've passed an important signpost on the road to Opening Day. Even if temperatures are in the mid-twenties with swirling winds, there's just something energizing about walking through the Eutaw Street concourse, mingling with groups of fans decked out in orange and black, and exchanging a few pleasantries with players past and present. I usually take a pass on most of the memorabilia dealers that set up shop in the Baltimore Convention Center, because their prices are good for a laugh ($3 for an autographed 1990 Score Juan Bell card, for example!), but I did pick up three Jim Palmer oddball cards from the late '70s and early '80s for a total of five dollars. I'll share them soon enough, I assure you.

My sister and I also enjoy browsing the team-sponsored memorabilia sale, which we've dubbed the Orioles' yard sale. There's always a couple of long tables piled high with game-used jerseys from the regular season and spring training, and it's like visiting with the Ghost of Spring Training Past. Here are some of the high-numbered jerseys we found, worn by guys who never made it to Baltimore: Johan Santana, Johnny Monell, Edgmer Escalona, Kelvin de la Cruz...there was also a Willis Otanez jersey mixed in at random. We talked one another into buying orange spring training/batting practice jerseys of our respective sentimental favorites - #48 Joe Saunders for Liz, and #35 Danny Valencia for me. No regrets. We do have our limits, though; neither of us was willing to part with $50 for an empty champagne bottle from last season's locker room celebration. How about $20 for a champagne cork?

We ducked out at noon for lunch at Dempsey's, complete with a flight of their house brews. I still prefer their '83 Golden Ale and their Rain Delay IPA. We timed things well, arriving just before the rush. Then it was back to the Convention Center so I could get some autographs from the trio of Brian Matusz, Caleb Joseph, and Jim Palmer. I'll share the Joseph and Palmer cards next Friday, which will bring us another week closer to baseball.


Zach said...

Sounds like a fun Saturday! How much did the jerseys cost?

Kevin said...

Zach - $70 for spring training/BP, $140 for regular-season game jerseys.