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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Brady Anderson, 1993 Topps #355

I'm crossing the streams between this site and my ongoing 1993 Topps blog, where today's featured card is Brady Anderson. I never realized how much value Brady brought to the Orioles via his on-base skills. He peaked with a .404 on-base percentage in 1999, but his OBP was at least 93 points higher than his batting average each year of his career after his rookie season. It was .362 for his career (compared to a .256 AVG), thanks in large part to his ability to draw walks. He ranks second to Cal Ripken in career walks as an Oriole with 927. Of course, he was also willing to take one for the team. He was hit by a pitch 154 times in his career, 148 of those in a Baltimore uniform, a franchise record. Brady led the American League in times plunked in 1996 (22 HBP), 1997 (19), and 1999 (24). It hurts just thinking about that.

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