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Friday, April 4, 2014

Vintage Fridays: Charlie Lau, 1965 Topps #94

Another day, another woofer for the Orioles. They haven't topped ten hits in a game yet. Leaving aside the very hittable Baltimore pitching for a moment, I think the Birds could use some of Charlie Lau's famed batting instruction. Hey, it worked for George Brett and Harold Baines. Sure, there's the little matter of Lau having died 20 years ago, but surely they've got pills and creams for that sort of thing. We're living in the future, aren't we?


Jim from Downingtown said...

Like another long-time catcher (Smokey Burgess), Lau was only used as a pinch-hitter in his final 2 seasons.

Commishbob said...

We'll be fine, right? Tell me we'll be fine. Anyone?

Jim from Downingtown said...

They should pass out refrigerator magnets that look like this as good luck charms.