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Monday, March 17, 2014

Jeff Tackett, 1994 Topps #664

Safe or out? Let's go to Baseball Reference.

Angels at Orioles, 1993 season, Jeff Tackett catching, Tim Salmon running. Jeff went and made things easy for us by only appearing in one home game vs. the Halos in 1993: April 17, a Saturday afternoon game. Arthur Rhodes started, and bombed out in the fourth inning after putting the O's in a 5-0 hole. The Baltimore batters got all five runs back in the fourth against Chuck Finley, with Leo Gomez providing a three-run homer. But Brad Pennington did his Brad Pennington thing in the eighth, giving up a walk and a J. T. Snow triple to put the Angels on top to stay. In the ninth, the scene pictured on this card unfolded. Chad Curtis walked and stole his third and fourth bases of the game, and Salmon walked as well. Gomez threw away a Gary Gaetti grounder for the seventh California run, but then Rene Gonzales tapped a ball back to pitcher Todd Frohwirth. Frohwirth fired the ball home to nail Salmon and keep it a two-run game, but Angels closer Joe Grahe retired the heart of the Birds' order 1-2-3 in the bottom of the ninth and the Orioles lost 7-5.

The TL;DR version: he was out.

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