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Monday, March 3, 2014

Floyd Rayford, 1987 Topps #426

If my week (and counting) of recovery from wisdom tooth extraction surgery has an avatar, it's Floyd Rayford's musty 1987 Topps card. Thanks to an infection that developed in the middle of last week, it's now been eight days since I've been able to: exercise, sleep soundly, chew food like a normal human being, drink a beer...it hasn't been fun. I dragged myself out of the house on Saturday for the first birthday party of my best friend's son, and while we were gift shopping at Target I thought that I could find a pick-me-up in the card aisle. I was way too crabby to buy anything Topps, so I grabbed a 100-card repack hanger even as my brain shouted "BAD IDEA BAD IDEA BAD IDEA WALK AWAY". I don't need to tell you what I found inside. This Floyd Rayford card, bunches more 1987-1991 Topps, a smattering of 2010 Topps just to keep me guessing, some Donruss junk wax, maybe a dozen cards that were new to me. So there's your lesson: don't try to make even small-scale hobby choices when medicated and dealing with pain and discomfort.


jacobmrley said...

No beer and bad repack make Kevin something-something.

Kevin said...

...Go crazy?