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Monday, March 24, 2014

Brian Matusz, 2012 Topps Heritage High Numbers #H579

Today I have the pleasure of wishing my favorite (and only) sister a very happy birthday. I mention her often on this blog, as we own a pair of season tickets on the 29-game plan, and thereby share in dozens of highs and lows throughout baseball season. My sister is a tad more superstitious than I am when it comes to the O's, though. For instance, she put her autographed Brian Matusz jersey in mothballs for quite awhile after becoming convinced that she was personally responsible for his disastrous 2011 season. Now that he's rebuilt some confidence with a strong season-plus of relief pitching, the jersey is safe to wear again. But she's still a little snakebit after Jim Johnson and Nate McLouth - both of whom signed t-shirts for her at fan events last year - left the Birds this past offseason. For the time being, she's sworn off any further autograph collecting for the greater good. She's nothing if not unselfish.

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