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Sunday, March 9, 2014

B. J. Surhoff, 2005 Topps Total #6

I survived the Plunge yesterday, but I won't have time to share the pictures until tomorrow. I know - I'm such a tease. But I did take a last-minute trip to King of Prussia this afternoon for the periodic Philly Card Show. I'd only gotten their postcard in the mail yesterday, leaving me very little time to budget something extra or to compile my want lists. I think I did pretty well nonetheless, bolstering a few of my 1970s sets with some star cards marked down to one dollar or less. A got a nice variety of Post Cereal cards, knocked down my 1975 Topps set needs to one lonely, pricey George Brett second-year card, and even walked away with a discounted wax box of 2005 Topps Total. I hit my spending limit within about 90 minutes of entering the convention, and there were plenty of other great vintage deals that I just had to bypass. I'll try to give myself more prep time by remembering that the next show comes along in late September.

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